Terms and conditions




GENERAL NOTICE – The Experience is intended to be entertaining, based a world explorer theme. Some may find certain attractions scary. Whilst all events are suitable for families, it may not be suitable or appropriate for small children that require support by an adult to complete the activities. Some of the activities may also not be suitable for someone with a heart or other serious medical condition, those of a nervous disposition, those with neurological disorders, those on certain medication or those who are pregnant.


These are the terms and conditions under which you (a “Customer”) may attend Phileas Foggs World of Adventures experience (the “Experience”) delivered by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited.

  • Entry to the Experience is by ticket only (including online email ticket).
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited will not be responsible for any ticket that is lost, stolen or destroyed and tickets cannot be replaced.
  • Customers are advised to check their tickets upon receipt as mistakes cannot always be rectified. Customer should contact Extraordinary Expeditions Limited immediately upon receipt if there is a mistake.
  • Each ticket is valid for the specified number of admissions to the specified Experience at the specified time only.
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reserves the right to provide alternative tickets at the Experience should the staging of the Experience require cancellation.
  • Tickets may only be returned to Extraordinary Expeditions Limited after purchase pursuant to paragraph 4.
  • These terms and conditions do not and shall not affect the Customer’s statutory rights.
  • The price of the ticket shall be the price set at the time the Customer’s order is accepted by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited
  • No order will be accepted until Extraordinary Expeditions Limited receives full payment.
  • Tickets may be restricted to a maximum or minimum number.
  • Tickets will be received electronically by the Customer.
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reserves the right to make alterations to the published Experience programme where reasonably necessary.
  • The tickets purchased are for the Customer’s own personal use and those within the Customer’s party and may not be transferred or resold to any other person or body under any circumstances or used as part of any promotion or competition or for commercial gain. Where there has been any resale or attempted resale of any tickets (or other breach of this term), Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reserves the right to cancel the relevant tickets with immediate effect and refuse admission to persons seeking to use such ticket(s).
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reserves the right to cancel any ticket purchased by Customers who Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reasonably believes to be associated with any ticket broker, reseller or tout.
  • Where an Experience is cancelled or re-scheduled, Extraordinary Expeditions Limited will use reasonable endeavors to notify the Customer using the details provided at the time of order. Extraordinary Expeditions Limited cannot guarantee that the Customer will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the Experience.
  • Refund requests from customers will be accepted up until 72 hours prior to the booking date and up to 7 days prior to the booking date for large group/party bookings. Customers wishing to cancel, change or reschedule a booked Experience, must contact Extraordinary Expeditions Limited either by email to info@phileasfoggsworldofadventures.co.uk or by phone 01273 007799.  Ticket exchange for more expensive experiences the Customer may incur an extra charge at the time of the exchange booking.
  • In the unlikely event of a date change at short notice made by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited, reasonable measures will be made to notify Customers who purchased tickets, alternative experiences will be offered and if not acceptable then a full refund will apply.
  • Each Experience may be subject to specific entry restrictions or requirements. Customers are advised to check the details of each Experience before attending. In particular:
    • certain events may be subject to specific age restrictions and/or require all minors to be accompanies by a responsible adult; and
    • whilst Extraordinary Expeditions Limited will make every reasonable effort to accommodate those with a disability or other impairment at an Experience, given that many events will require movement through confined spaces in darkness, it may not be possible to host those with certain conditions at any particular Experience: please enquire prior to booking if you have any particular concerns and/or needs and we will seek to accommodate, wherever practicable.
    • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited reserves the right to refuse entry to an Experience in reasonable circumstances, including but not limited to health and safety, suitability, age, licensing reasons or where a ticket is void.
    • Customers attend the Experience at their own risk
  • You, the Customer, warrant that each person attending an Experience with tickets booked by you is of suitable physical condition to engage in the Experience. As already noted, whilst the Experience is intended to be entertaining there is a theme and some may find it scary or disturbing. Whilst all day time events are suitable for families, it may not be suitable or appropriate for young children, those with a heart or other serious medical condition, those of a nervous disposition, those with neurological disorders, those on certain medication or those who are pregnant. Please enquire about any particular conditions or concerns at the time of booking.
  • The Experience may involve the use of strobe lighting, darkness, loud noises, explosions, scares, odors and unsolicited physical contact. You consent to the same.
  • Please note that loud music or noise can damage hearing and Customers who attend the Experience do so at their own risk.
  • In the interests of safely and/or suitability certain Experiences may be subject to age restrictions. Customers are advised to check the details for the Experience prior to purchasing any tickets. Persons who are not able to satisfy Extraordinary Expeditions Limited that they satisfy the age requirement may be excluded.
  • All Experiences are subject to restrictions in respect of cameras, video or audio recording equipment.
  • Subject to the nature of the event and ticket type, Customers who wish to leave during an Experience or arrive after an Experience has started will only be granted admission or readmission to the Experience at the discretion of the management.
  • If a Customer experiences any problems during the Experience, the Customer should inform Extraordinary Expeditions Limited staff immediately as issues cannot always be resolved after the Experience.
  • No animals (with the exception of assistance dogs) are permitted. In any event, Extraordinary Expeditions Limited can give no assurance of the suitability of such Experience to such animals. Customers are advised to check the details of the Experience prior to attending the venue.
  • All property brought to the Experience is brought at the Customer’s risk and Extraordinary Expeditions Limited shall not in any way be responsible for any theft, loss or other damage in respect of such property. For advice on suitable clothing can be found on the website Q&A section. Secure Lockers are provided for customers on a first come first serve basis.
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or injury howsoever caused (other than death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of Extraordinary Expeditions Limited) unless it has breached its legal obligations and such loss or damage is a direct and reasonably foreseeable result of such breach.
  • Liability for the cancellation or rescheduling of an Experience, or for material changes to an Experience, will be limited to the refund as set out in paragraph 4.
  • Each Experience is a unique piece of performance art. The experience of each Customer is different. No refund is available to a Customer who states that the Experience was not enjoyable.
  • Customer details are managed in accordance with Extraordinary Expeditions Limited’s data protection policy, a copy of which can be obtained from the offices of Extraordinary Expeditions Limited.
  • Extraordinary Expeditions Limited respect your privacy in accordance with its legal obligations from time to time and is confident that it has in place a resilient chain of suppliers who do the same. Extraordinary Expeditions Limited wants to ensure that booking your Experience online is quick, easy, convenient and safe.
  • The Customer acknowledges that filming and recording authorised by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited may be carried out by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited from time to time. The Customer consents to being included in such films and recordings and the use, reproduction, storage, distribution and broadcasting of such films and recordings (including any copies made) by Extraordinary Expeditions Limited without payment or notice.
  • The laws of England and Wales apply and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to all contractual and non-contractual matters arising.